We have made it easy for you to research the Australian university sector by selecting from the choices below.

There are many and varied reasons for wanting to study in one of the universities in Australia, and more international students are making their way to study abroad Australia every year. There are many international students wishing to study in Australia and the number studying in Australia increased from 7,000 in 1986 to 147,130 in 2004. Australia's forty government-funded universities have a reputation for quality education; indeed, these institutions are controlled by both State and Federal legislation, and receive both accreditation and registration to provide courses for international students.

Universities in VICTORIA (VIC):

Universities in NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW):

Universities in QUEENSLAND (QLD):


Universities in WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA):

Universities in SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA):

Universities in NORTHERN TERRITORY (NT):

Universities in TASMANIA (TAS):




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