Australians are crazy about sport.  They are also eager for news and current affairs from around the globe.  The Australian fascination with everything overseas probably stems from the geographic distance from other nations.  This curiosity also fuels the desire of many Australians to travel abroad.  Australia's obsession with sport is evident in any Olympic Games results where Australia is the best performing nation per capita.  There are a number of commercial television stations in each State and Territory in Australia and you can also easily connect to pay television (cable).

Please find below some useful links to help you gain an insight into the Australian psyche, news and current affairs.

  1. The Australian (National newspaper)


  3. The Daily Telegraph

  4. Sydney Morning Herald

  5. The Sunday Telegraph

  6. Herald Sun

  7. Sun-Herald

  1. Australian Sports Commission

  2. National Rugby League (NRL)

  3. Australian Football League (AFL)

  4. Australian Rugby Union (RU)

  5. Swimming

  6. Soccer

  7. Cricket

  8. Netball



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